I have a 2004 chevy cavalier. The serpentine belt came off. If it was due to a worn belt, would it have made noise b4 it came off? I am hoping it’s just the belt, but how can I check to see if it was the water pump, alternator, or pulley? The vehicle was performing fine then died a couple minutes after the battery light came on. Thanks for your help from a first time do it yourself guy.

The belt won’t make any noise. The problem could be just as you suggested, it could be the water pump, belt tensioner, or something else on the belt that is bad. For example, wiggle the water pump pulley up and down and around to see if there is any movement. If there is the pump is bad. Try this with the other pulleys on the belt. If you put a new belt on and it breaks then it is most likely a bearing on one of those pulleys that is bad. This keeps the belt from being lined up and causes it to break. Had this happen to me.

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