Haven’t you always wanted better, fresher, more colorful vegetables from your neighborhood market? You can only guess what those old veggies have been through before their arrival at the store. It’s hard to imagine what type of chemicals were used to keep them fresh for weeks at a time and then you’re going to bring these into your home where they may sit in your fridge for another week. How much more can a lowly vegetable endure before it starts to rot?

There is a way around this and it’s just a perfect idea for the health conscious person… an indoor vegetable garden will satisfy that desire for pure, clean, unadulterated, fresh tasting salad or steamed veggies. You can grow these right in your own kitchen with all the available tools out there.

It doesn’t take an agricultural degree to produce vegetables from an indoor vegetable garden; there is tons of information available to assist you along the way. What a great feeling to offer your family safe wholesome food you produced with your new hobby. The tools are available to produce an indoor vegetable garden your own. You can have an indoor vegetable garden on your balcony, (weather permitting) a bright sunny spot in the corner of a room or on a window sill.

You Can Grow A Wide Variety of Produce With An Indoor Vegetable Garden

Your vegetables can be planted in all sorts of containers and areas where that corner needs to be filled. Choose colors to compliment your home and make your indoor vegetable garden blend in with the rest of your living space. Take some measurements of the locations you plan to place the indoor garden and make sure it is the maximum measurement. This way you won’t inadvertently purchase a container too big for the space you have.

The lists of containers you can use are limitless. Try using a decorative sheet metal pail, clay pots and even plastic jugs. One of my favorites is the old soup stock pots, these really go well with a kitchen indoor vegetable garden. Just use your imagination and enjoy your new found hobby. Remember, you will be able to grow your vegetables throughout the year, there are no seasons indoors.

Take a trip to the local nursery and explain to the staff that you are starting an indoor vegetable garden; you’ll be surprised how much help they will offer. Carrots, radishes, tomatoes and a multitude of other vegetables are well suited for indoor gardening. Make sure to ask about plants and seeds that are specially designed for indoor container gardening. If you’re worried about lighting there are many types of fixtures designed for indoor growing. Above all else, enjoy your new indoor vegetable garden hobby. Your body will appreciate it.

Christopher Jay

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