I had someone repair my car at his home in Garden Grove, CA, he said he has applied for licensing and this is his "shop". HE TOTALLY ripped me off with the repairs, they weren’t done properly & argued constantly w/ his mechanic. They were supposed to finish the job (I took my car home after 6 days of this bs with the generator light on just to get it out of there) he told me to order the parts to finish it, I did, Sat. I get a call later in the day on my cell that he and his mechanic are fighting & that mechanic won’t be doing it at all. Next day I get a call and he tells me that he doesn’t owe me any thing and will only fix 1 item, he did not give me a written estimate before hand and wanted me to sign in 2 places an invoice that also stated he gave me an estimate, of course this is all after I paid him (just to get the car away from him). I refused & now I know he is endangering a disabled person by doing a conversion on his car, this man & mechanics are maniacs. HELP!


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