I’m basically interested in growing some of my own food-indoors or outdoors. I don’t know too much about hydroponics but would be willing to learn.

The climate is Northern Ohio.

I’ve noticed that seeds are relatively cheap assuming you can keep insects and disease away from the plants to get a decent crop.

Most Fruit/vegitable seeds: $1.50 a bag
Fruit bearing yearling trees: $35.00 a tree

Any tips?

Green beans are very easy to grow and generally produce a good crop. They don’t get many pests or disease. If you plant them now, you will have green beans by the middle of July – maybe sooner. I find bush beans are easier than pole beans, but both are productive.

Lettuce is an easy crop and pretty quick to produce.

Asparagus are a good home garden crop as they come back every year on their own. Strawberries are also a good home garden fruit because they also come back every year.

Ask at your local garden center what grows well in your area.

Fruit trees takes a lot of care and require spraying. That would not be a good choice for a beginning garderner.

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