I will be living in very south alabama, somewhat near florida.

I want to make a garden in my back yard and the size of my garden is going to be 20 feet by 30 feet.

What should I plant?

I plan to plant marigolds since I believe bugs do not like the smell of marigolds and will stay away. Is this a good idea? How many marigolds should i plant?

Tips and other information would also be appreciated.

If it is your first time gardening then before selecting any plant know about it water and sunlight need. And sunlight area of your garden also.

Home gardening is always good try some flower plants (I never go for rose plant because for me its not much easy to grow) then go for herbs like mint, oregano, basil, asparagus etc. You can also grow vegetables. Believe me watching the growth of the plant is fun and gardening is really good hobby.

Group your plants according to water and sunlight needs. You can use irrigation system for watering. Below is the source for installing irrigation system.

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