My lawn area is small (30 ft * 30 ft). Should I go for Indian Doob or Selection No. 1 or Carpet grass or something else. Please tell me something which can withstand extreme heat during summers and fog & cold during winters in North India. Please also tell whether Carpet grass is same as Mexican or Korean grass or something else.
I have asked my neighbours and most of them are either using Selection No. 1 grass or carpet grass however I am still not clear what exactly carpet grass is.

Carpetgrass is a perennial, coarse-leaved, creeping grass. It grows better on low, wet soils than do other grasses. It will grow well in either sun or shade but is less shade tolerant than St. Augustine and Centipede grass which it resembles. Carpetgrass may be planted by seed or sprigs.

Carpetgrass is recommended only for lawns on wet, low fertility, acid, (pH 4.5-5.5) sandy soils where ease of establishment and care is more important than quality. Its chief disadvantage is rapid seedhead production.

Carpet Grass makes a dense turf, can be grown from seed, shallow rooted and therefore is not drought tolerant. It is as cold tolerant as centipede and has poor salt tolerance. It’s shade tolerance is about the same as Centipede (less than St. Augustine grass)

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