One of the key factors that promote a healthy lifestyle is your surroundings, where you stay, and the environment around you. And this is one of the main reasons why people go for home improvement. A clean, well furnished and beautifully done home can make any human being happy and energetic. It is also recommended to go for a change of set up once in a while, as a change makes us feel refreshed and can prove to be a great trigger to start our lives anew.

People in the UK prefer to finance their home improvement projects with the help of home improvement loans. Home improvement loans are loan plans that are designed in a particular way. This helps the borrower take care of the multiple needs of home improvement. Home improvement projects can be on a big scale as well as on a medium or low scale. You can also go for a home improvement loan if you wish to purchase something expensive for your home like furniture, tapestry, Jacuzzi… anything.

Obviously, large scale home improvement involves huge expenditure and small ones would mean little costs. And the good part is that you can take a loan for both the cases. However, the loan amount is subjected to your credit score, your financial history and also the DTI, which is your Debt to Income ratio.

Home improvement loans are available both as secured loans and unsecured loans. While secured loans would require you to place an asset as a security to avail the loan, there is no such requirement in unsecured loans. Hence, unsecured loans are comparatively risk-free. But on the other hand, there are many benefits available with the secured home improvement loans as compared to unsecured loans, like

  • lower rate of interest

  • longer repayment period

  • more flexible terms and conditions

    You can take a secured loan to avail the benefits, provided you have a home or a property of the same worth as your loan amount. However, it makes more sense to go for an unsecured loan, if the loan amount is really less and not worth risking your assets.

    Angelo Drew

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