I see advertisements for federal grants that do not have to be paid back that are for everything from small business funding to home improvements. I was wondering if anyone has ever received a grant for home improvement and how you apply and/or qualify to receive one. Basically, how do I get one to do home improvements and renovations??

Most of the home improvement grants are for renovating property in low income areas, and you have to use the property for section 8 rentals, not your own home. google search it, I found the site that way. There are grants for everything you can think of. It’s a .gov website. Don’t subscribe to any service that wants to charge money for finding grants for you, those svcs. are just a scam. Anyone can research and apply. I spent two days scrolling through all of the grant information just to find out that I didn’t qualify for anything. Some of them are pretty funny, I saw one grant for immigrants from Africa to study ancestrial drumming. The comedian David Letterman has set up a grant for " mediocre students with little ambition". The only grant I was eligible for was down payment assistance for first time homebuyers, the application process was so long I closed on the house and moved in before I heard anything.

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