I think these tiles are aluminum (they look like brushed stainless steel). They are about 4″x4″, picked up from a home improvement store. A few tiles need to be cut in half to fit into the wall space above the stovetop, but so far none of the tactics my cousin has used has cut them successfully. The man who lived in the house before had successfully tiled a section using these exact tiles, some of which he did cut in half (although the tile cuts are not straight and so appear to have been done by hand).

Any ideas from some experienced tilers out there? Thanks so much!

I’m not an experienced tiler, but I do know something about cutting metal.
You can use a pair of straight cut aviation snips. They will cut easily and cleanly. The only problem might be if the tile is embossed with a pattern. The cutting process will tend to flatten the relief along the edge of the cut.
Alternately, you can use a very fine tooth hacksaw (32 TPI) to cut them. Clamp the tile to your workbench, between wood blocks so it doesn’t move around. Then use a fine file or sandpaper to smooth the edge. When you’re working on metal it’s a good idea to wear eye protection and a pair of gloves. Hope this helps.

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