I am home Improvement company I really don’t have alot of money to put adds out.I have put in yellow pages and handed out flyers what can I do 2 get more customers.If there anyway to get addeds in papers 4 little money please help in any way

Find out if there are any business groups in your area who trade referrals. I am in one group and we have representatives from a lot of diffferent industries (e.g. real estate, tile & granite, insurance, web design etc) and at the end of each meeting we trade referrals. Basically, if I know a person who is looking for home improvement or if the realtor in the group knows a home owner who needs work you would get their name and contact info so you can get the business. It has been great for me and most the members of our group see a significant imporvement in business. We did have a landscape person who eventually had to stop coming because he was too busy!!

You may also want to see about local chamber of commerce events like business after hours etc. It is a lot of work, but referrals are worth their weight in gold!!!

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