I have an idea for a home improvement / reality show that would feature my house and family. The idea is totally unique and brilliant, if I do say so myself. 😉 Are there agents that represent such a thing? What are they called? (I know there are actors’ agents and screenwriter’s agents, but this is different, right?) How do I find one?

In this day and age, alot of cable or satellite programming is independently produced and marketed after its done, rather than before the fact. we produced an outdoors series that i concepted and pitched and found investors for and spent 8 yrs working on that. It was a wonderful experience and while it didnt make me rich it certainly gained me a wealth of travel around the world.

Some programming is self produced and they literally buy the air time and sell the spot time (commercials) either themselves or broker them out.

You can contact the programming directors or assistants of the networks you are interested in airing it on, like DIY or similar, and get their input, but be warned, ideas are stolen every day and there is no reimbursement fund set aside for it. tell noone off the street what your idea is…i did once and I saw it used in a movie 4 yrs later, and it was a HOT idea. Naturally, there will be no recompense.

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