As a former employee of one of the Big Boxes I have several tips to save money on your DIY project.

1.    Contractors are in the stores everyday.  They look for the scratch and dent daily.  They scoop up these type items at a great discount, then turn around and charge their customers full price.  If you have a project, get to know the people at your local store.  A friendly smile on your part will endear you to those employees.  Those contractors know all the people, they ask about the scratch and dent.  Get there early there are always items that with a little work you can pick up at a discount and only you will ever know you saved a little money.

2.    Shop seasonally.  There are always items that will be reduced after season.  This is especially true at the outlying stores.  The stores in the major cities normally sell out, but those outlying stores don’t have the traffic and always have great deals at the end of seasons.   Outdoor furniture, artificial Christmas trees and ornaments, heating and cooling products are the main areas where you can save major money.

3.    Remerchandising and resets happen yearly in all the big boxes.  Yearly these companies change products, manufactures and distributors.  When they do these resets the merchandise that is being switched out will go on sale.  Look for the people working that don’t have an apron or a vest on.  They can also be identified by the vest that say vendor on them.

Stop by your local store a couple of times a week make time to shop and be like the contractors always be on the lookout for a deal on your next project.  By using some of these techniques you can help save yourself money.

Scott Gotreaux

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