What investment would give the very best bang for the buck when it comes to home improvement?

I only have $1000, but (as a gift) I really want to spend it on my parents’ house. Where should I spend the money to get the best return on investment?

The house is livable, but getting old and everything about it (except the frame/foundation/roof) could use improvement.

We are in central Ohio, in case that makes a difference.

$1,000 won’t go far, but most experts say that the best investment you can make when remodeling is in the kitchen and/or bathroom. If the cabinets are old, consider getting them “re-faced” rather than replaced. Buy new appliances and make sure install/replace the garbage disposal. If they don’t already have one, a built in microwave will free up counter space and make the kitchen look a lot bigger. Install new flooring, preferably something that is low maintenance like no wax tile or wood laminate. If the kitchen is big enough, install a center island.

Again, you probably won’t be able to all of that with $1,000, but your money will go a lot farther if you can do the labor yourself. My dad bought his kitchen cabinets from Menards and installed them himself when he was 70 years old. I’m not that ambitious, so I personally don’t think I’d take on that kind of project.

Whatever you do, make sure it still goes with the rest of the house. If you go ultra modern in the kitchen, and the rest of the house is 80s country, it’s going to look out of place.

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