We hired a home improvement contractor for a major landscaping job. He completed about 80% of the work but then disappeared. Right before he disappeared, he asked if we minded paying him for the work he already completed. He seemed nice so we agreed. Then, he vanished, even though he signed a contract with us saying that he was supposed to do our driveway (which he didn’t — and now it is near winter and we have no driveway). Can he legally do this? (walk off a job even though the work in the contract is incomplete)

Never Pay until the job is DONE.


No matter HOW NICE he seems.

Of course if he is contractually obligated to finish the job – but Now YOU have got to compel him to do it. (and you’ve lost hour hammer)

(no pun on the contracting thing)

It will probably be cost effective to hire someone to finish the job… and consider this a lesson learned.

I assume you’ve called him to ask "what’s up"? And I also assume he’s UNAVAILABLE, right?

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