Does you husband give you an "allowance" to buy things for the home, yourself, projects, etc…?

Here’s my dilemma: I own a business but it will be closed this winter. We live in a seasonal area and it’s just not economically feasible for my shop to be open in the winter. I will be staying at home from probably October to May.

Since it’s only my second year in business, it has not turn a profit yet. I am obviously working toward being able to make a living doing it, but right now, it’s not the case. All the money in my business checking account has to be used to buy new inventory for next year.

Since I will be staying at home and have no income, I will have to rely on my husband for money. Right now, I am able to take home a very small amount from the business, but it is definitely not enough to buy all the things for the house, and it will end as soon as I close up shop.

I have several ideas for projects (house fix-ups) and things that I’d like to accomplish over the winter. I would like to do these things, but I’m afraid to ask my husband for money because he’s very cheap (with things I want to do).

I just don’t know if it’s in my best interest to go out and get a job for the winter, which would monopolize my time for little reward, or stay at home and beg him for money to do the projects I want to do.

It’s also probably not a good idea for me to go get a job because I am well known in town and if I go work at another shop, people will inevitably wonder what I’m doing working for someone else. I just don’t want to start any weird rumors about myself or my business by working somewhere.

Any answers or suggestions that aren’t rude would be very helpful.

Thank you.
The town I live in is very small, and these "rumors" are rampant. I moved my store from one place to another and I heard everything from "she went out of business" to "she filed for bankruptcy", all of which wasn’t true. I just need to be good with PR if you can understand.

I would have a large yard sale in October. This is a two-fold idea. First , it allows you to make the money to be used for your fixes and secondly, you will have cleaned out the area before you try to fix it up. You will only have to ask for a minimal contribution from your hubby. I do not think a winter job is the answer. The economy has made it difficult to find work, knowing that you will only be available until your business starts back up would not make you attractive to prospective employers. Best of luck to you !!

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