This is a pretty broad question. I am doing an addition to my home by adding a bedroom, full bath, and entertainment room. This is my first time with this sort of project. I am looking for highly rated types of products/model numbers for windows, doors, recessed lighting, bathroom fixtures, bathroom flooring/tiles, laminate flooring, and anything else.

Any recommendations are appreciated. I will take these into consideration when researching and shopping for these items.


Check Consumer’s Reports. In the last year, they have rated everything from consumer electronics, to appliances, to kitchen and bathroom fixtures to hardwood and laminate flooring. They test these products and often find out how reliable and repair prone certain brands are. They also announce recalls which sometimes are found for sale, cheap on the secondary market.

We check them often and maintain a library of past issues when we do our own home improvements and have always done the same for our clients to save them from making costly mistakes.

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