Alright, Im a 16 yr old from michigan i want to start tying flies for fly fishing and possibly making my own bait/lures. For the most part i just want to start a small tackle shop from my home like in my shed or garage.. i was wondering if anyone has any ideas on what i need for this project and if theres anything specific i need to have in the shop any answers are appreciated

Yes it can be done. I have been working from a small shop at my home for several years building custom fishing rods for individual customers and 2-3 local tackle stores in my area. I have been able to do this both full and part time. I would make sure that there are no problems with local city codes about this. Make samples and let people know about what you are doing, you will be amazed at the interest people will show. Make up some business cards, this can be done on your computer very cheaply. I will be showing my work at craft fairs and a local farmers market on Sundays and am offering classes on Rod Building and repair. Good luck, feel free to contact me if anymore questions.

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