Several students and teachers from the British International School or BIS Phuket secondary levels International Baccalaureate Community Action Service or IB CAS, as on their red shirts, every week visit the
Life Home Project which looks after women and children with HIV or AIDS, in Koh Sireh, in east Phuket. We cannot show their faces in focus to maintain their privacy but the women & their children enjoy the visits by BIS students.
The students help the staff and women with various projects. Last week they were helping to decorate Christmas trees with artificial fruit like cherries to put around the Home.
Nattaya Nulong, Project Coordinator of Life Home Project, explained to the students how to make the trees.
One of the students, Phil, told us about their activities:
I help by .arts & crafts things
The women at Life with AIDS.
We have made cards ???
Another student, Alice, 16, also told us what they were doing:
I helping them by doing handicraftsChristmas decorations.
A Spanish volunteer called Pilar, was also helping at Life Home Project, and she said that she enjoys looking after the children too.
I have been volunteering here for 1 week so far. Take care of the children.
Nattaya, explained about her role at Life Home Project and the shop selling handicrafts for sale:

I am responsible for fund raising the shop and activities & take care of visitors ..

helps the HIV ladies at the same time.
These products such as shirts, bags, cards, pictures and necklaces would make nice gifts for the upcoming Christmas & New Year holidays,
and help people with AIDS or HIV, which is worth thinking about especially as December 1st is World AIDS Day.
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