I built a website in school using Java(JDBC, Servlets .etc). We never really learned how to setup our book website project outside of our laptops. For example, we can pull up our static web page on our laptop and navigate around in it to perform various tasks (i.e. querying book info in an Oracle database, shopping cart, saving book data .etc). But I was trying to setup something at home to leave the computer on at home and somehow connect from work or anywhere outside the home to say http://myBookSite.com. I’d like to do this without setting up an account somehwere elese online that has Web Hosting. I guess I’m trying to figure out how do I setup my own Web Hosting at home.

For that you have to setup a webserver on your home computer with Java installed in it. The two most used webservers are Apache and IIS. Then you have to buy a domain from a Registrar or directly from the ICANN called mybooksite.com. Next you have to point the DNS of your computer to that of the domain. A wonderful tutorial on how this can be done on a Windows machine can be found here: http://www.ricocheting.com/server/

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