My mechanic has held our van for 4mo.+. We had the van towed to his shop feb. 2nd for diagnosis and estimate. I have maintained communication with the owner/mechanic directly. After checking in regularly for 2 and 1/2 months I explained to the mechanic how important this vehicle is to us and the sooner we could get it repaired the better. First week of june I stopped in to check on the diagnosis, "needs a valve job" ($1800). "Whats your turn around time on a valve job?" He assured me, "could have that ready on monday". My van has had little work if any done to it since that conversation (three weeks ago). We need this vehicle, we are happy to pay and have given deposits to help expedite the project. We are paying for a home out of state and need the van to move. Also, we have jobs that we’ve had to postpone starting.

Do this:

1) Tell him you are contacting an attorney…wait ONE day

2) Contact an attorney…wait ONE day

3) File a lawsuit


To all of you pukes that are saying to have the van towed to another mechanic: Most states give THIS mechanic the right to keep the van until his bill is fully paid.

MY answer is the most practical…You have to satisfy the mechanic unless you want to spend months and months in court..

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