Need advice on how to handle this situation: I work 10hrs a day, my husband has his own company so already theres a lot of ‘shop’ talk at the dinner table and I try to help him with the admin. of the company.

His step son (26) came to stay with us to help his dad on a couple of big projects- and then the step-son’s uncle came (so the ex-wife’s brother) as he is a skilled tile fixer and my hubby needed him for a project. I agreed because I now my husband needs his expertise, so they are both living with us. My son (also 26) and his fiancee were previously staying with us while they saved for a deposit on a house, but they moved out back to her parents house so the room was free for the uncle (the ‘short’ project has now been over a month).

I’ve tried to tell my husband that I’m fed up with mens’ work talk at dinner, would like to go out alone with him after a day’s work, and everyone should share the housework – but he just says well when my son is around I never tell him about housework (not true). Also, when we go out, his son and the uncle always come with us and my husband pays for everything for them. They also monopolise the TV and the sofa, so I end up going to watch TV in the bedroom (the uncle has a TV in his room). The uncle doesnt even clean his own bathroom. Yesterday i had some work to do myself, but ended up fixing lunch and doing the washing up for 4 men (a friend of my husbands came round) – they then went off to work and when I raised the fact that noone helped with the washing up, my husband said, but its normal, they are working and that when my son comes round I clear his dishes!!! Of course my son and my step son are my family, but I resent having to live in my home like its their building site! I feel I am becomine more and more excluded from my own house – apart from the housework! I cant even invite my friends over, as they are always there and never go out – I was trying to keep a nice house (I pay more than half the mortgage!) but now I feel its not my home any more – any advice?! I’m really unhappy and feel nobody listens to me.

Then he said well when my son passes by he leaves ashtrays etc and I dont say anything, so dont say anything about his son and his uncle… (not true, I do moan at my son if I see anything but he was in his room before and I never touched his room!)

Well seeing as they treat your home as a hotel I would start charging them rent.
Fish and visitors start smelling after three days.

I would nt make them lunch and I would not clean up after them- If they treat you like the maid., I would refuse duty.

I would also tell my husband. My home my rules. Anybody that does not like it is welcome to change to a hotel.
I have to say thankfully my husband has more sense though He would have capped the staying time to a week

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