its obvious that i cant make knives or anything..but what are some other good ideas of somethings..also the project cant be too big or use too much metal because whatever we take home or order to use..we pay yeah it kinda sucks but i just wanna make somethin cool..

If you have a girlfriend or sister, you could try some simple jewelry. Earrings, belt buckles, bracelets and necklaces are easy to learn and can look great even if made from base materials. Hammered copper bracelets, for instance, look really nice, and big link necklaces are becoming popular right now (at least where I live). You can also do a big link chain that can be used as a belt or decoration.
Your mom might appreciate something like a spoon rest for the stove, a rack to hang mugs or keys from, or a little shelf for knicknacks.
Your dad might like a gun or knife rack, a fishingpole rack, a fire place poker, or remote holster.
Picture frames can be given to just about anyone, or you can make a fanciful lamp base or lightswitch cover. You can also make amazing candlabras, fireplace gates or chandeliers. You could try a Victorian table or chair with fancy curlicues, or a patio table.

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