I have a DeWalt 12v cordless drill that is on it’s last leg and I’m shopping for a new drill. Home Depot has a Ryobi 7.2v drill for cheap, and I’m concerned if that will be powerful enough for home projects.

Does anyone have experience in this area and can you give me any advice before I make the purchase?


If you’re used to a 12V drill, I would stick with that or perhaps upgrade slightly more (14 or at most 18V).

If you get a 7.2V, it will be less powerful than what you are used to. I would only get one if you have a small physique and find the 12V drill unwieldy to use.

On the other hand, the newer 28V and 36V drills will be considerably more cumbersome to use, owing to the heavier battery and motor, and are not necessary for general home use. (But if you happen to be big and strong, you might find you’ll like having the extra power on those rare occasions when it is useful.)

Good luck.

p.s. just thought I’d ask, are you sure it’s the drill and not the battery that needs replacement?

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