My grandfather has a shop behind his home where he spends a great deal of time working on random projects. He’s a very handy guy, and is in the construction business and all of his equipment is in this building. He likes to have the radio on, but because the building is metal, it is impossible to get anything to come in clearly. He told my mother that the radio works perfectly until the lights are turned on, and then the combination of the metal and lights turn the radio signal to static.

Does anyone know of any devices that could possibly fix this?

It sounds like the building and the electric to the building are not properly grounded. Did "handy grandpa" put up this shed and run the electric himself? Did he get a permit and have the work inspected? There are reasons for these regulations and circumventing them could be dangerous. Call a licensed electrician immediately to see if the electric to the shed was installed correctly. PLEASE, electricity is not for amateurs.

Now, that being said, if the building and electric WERE properly installed, try grounding the building with a big grounding rod. Make sure that the light fixture is propely grounded to the building.

Or switch to an alternative type of light, like a rechargable light that he could run off batteries while in the shed, and charge when he’s not in there. how big of a shop are we talking about anyway? A little shed or a 40′ x 60′ metal shop?

Good Luck

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