We just closed our first home. As a first project we want to erect a fence on the backyard. What are the steps to achieve this. Do I first contact the local service to mark how far the fence should be then shop for types of fences. Can this be DIY as well or a upon getting a fence we can also contract someone to place it.

We recently did this – we first called the survey company that did the survey when we purchased the house, and asked them to send us a copy of the survey (they did this for free). Then, we decided to have a fencing company install it b/c after researching it, we realized that it was not an easy DIY project. You have to dig the postholes, pour concrete in them, plant the posts (at the proper depth and distance apart), build the fence, and make sure it is level. Ugh – that seemed like a pain. We had a reputable company install a vinyl fence and it is guaranteed against wind damage up to 100mph! You don’t get that kind of warranty if you install it yourself. So, for us it was worth the extra cost to have it installed (it isn’t cheap though, it pretty much doubled the cost of what just the materials would have cost). The company we worked with provided both the materials and the installation services. There are also companies that just do the installation…so you could buy the fence at a hardware store and have them install it for you.
Oh yeah – and check with your town because most towns require that you get a permit to install a fence.
Good luck!

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