What is wrong with people? I work in a little craft shop. Some people just came in to do a project that could take up to 2 hours. They left 2 dogs in their car with the windows just cracked. I offered (at the risk of my job) to have her bring the dogs inside. She said no, they are fine and they get pampered at home. I can see the poor guys sitting there with the sun shining on them. I want to strangle this bitch. What is the proper thing to do?

In many places this is considered animal cruelty and you can call the police. There was a woman where I live who is getting 90 days in jail for leaving a cat inside her car for three days. Last year this same woman killed her dog by leaving it in a hot car. If the animals appear to be suffering, it is considered cruelty and the cops will intervene to either force the owners to remove the dogs or break a window if the owners can’t be found.

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