Hi all I just moved into a new house and for the first time I have enough space to make a home wood shop. I want to mainly make clocks and some furniture. I had a small shop before this but could only do smaller projects the area I have now is a 3 car garage about 30 feet wide by fifteen feet long with 9 foot ceilings. It is heated and air conditioned with a cement floor. As far as tools I have a table saw a potable router table a small drill press and a sanding machine with both a belt and disk sander. I also have a small wheel grinder and a sharpening grinder (the water type) I ordered a Carve wright woodcarving machine that should be here thursday but wondering what other tools i should have? things like lathes,planers etc I have all kinds of hand tools and clamps. Also wondering if I should cover my floor with either a rubberized coating or something to cut down on fatigue? Any thought would be appreciated/ Oh as far as a budget goes I have about 7 thousand in my tool fund but would like to get good equipment I’m thinking either DeWalt or Grizzly I have a Grizzly store not to far from me.

The most important tool you can have in your shop is a good table saw. The versatility is amazing. For that, I would get a Delta contractors saw. It will set you back $6-700, but it’s well worth it. A good 12-1/2″ or 13″ surface planer, along with a good 8″ jointer are a must. You will want a minimum of 2 routers. One should be 1-1/2 or 2 HP, one should be 3-1/2 HP. Porter Cable is the way to go for routers. You should have a compressor, trim nailers, brad nailers, even a finish stapler. If you get a large enough compressor, you can get air tools, such as a random orbit sander. They are much lighter than their motorized counterparts, which will reduce fatigue. A sliding compound miter saw is a great addition as well. Hitachi is the best, and you can get a 10″ slider for around $450. Other tools, you can buy as you need them. Dust collection is a good idea as well, which can be added in later. Hope this helps.

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