I am looking to purchase a MIG Welder for my boyfriend for his birthday. He is a professional welder now, but wants to be able to do fun projects and odd jobs in his free time. He will possible use it for anything from making lawn sculptures to fixing up his car.

Wondering what the best brands are out there, what he will need to be able to do some welding in a home shop, and which stores to purchase from (located in the Toronto, Ontario area)?

Im a certafied welder of 15 years, and through all my expieriences lincoln is by far the best brand, there is a small welding machine that plugs into any wall outlet and it works so good, its called a lincoln 125 and get him 1- 5 lb spool of .035 wire and a 40 lb bottle of mixed gas 75%co2 and 25%argon its what all steel sheet metal and other metals are welded with, i have this machine and love it he can build a boat trailor or fix a chair its the smoothest machine in the world and works and never breaks he will be estatic , he will immediately recognize that you got him the best

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