I think it’s amazing that more and more of the girls you meet today are useless. If it’s not clubbing or painting their faces or shopping at the mall they don’t seem interested in anything else and act bored if you ask them to come over and help out when you have a big project around the house. I’ve had to ask my GF to come over lately becuz she won’t offer herself. And when she’s here she’s got this face. Shouldn’t she want to be here? WTF? i’ve seen this problem b4 too. Yea another one is going to bite the dust cuz im shipping her back, but still there is something wrong going on and it’s widescale. Why are they being raised as princesses? or what makes you think a diamond is something you deserve just becuz…..or is sleeping with a man supposed to be a favor and disclaim you from any other labor?
I think your wrong to the person about diamond rings not being earned. IT IS earned in much the same way a man earns a yes to him popping the question.

I do share my duties:
I cook almost everyday for myself or for her if I know she’s coming over. But if I plan a project at the house which is when I could use a hand cuz it’s tuff to stop everything that your doing to clean up and then make a meal or even a snack, it never fails either her family has an event for her to go to or she figures out a way to be busy and I’m stuck like chuck.

My golden rule since living with GF’s has always been you should nver scrub the tub or the toilet. And if the mop aches your back leave it to me. These have always been laborous things a women should not hav to do.
But dammit she comes in here and lays in my living room quite comfortably, but when I need a hand she’s too busy and if she happens to show, she has a face, IS A SMILE TOO MUCH to ask for? She dosnt evn live w/me, can u imagine?

maybe because men seem to only be interested in the outer appearance of women. they have to keep themselves up-to-date and polished at all times. maybe she’s not mechanically inclined. i helped my boyfriend (at the time, now my husband) with his painting, but my mom lectured me and said it was rude & ungentlemanly of him to ask or want me to help him. so obviously, this "trend" is not new.

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