I work for a yacht builder in the cabinet shop. We use epoxy most of the time when building cabinets, and EVERYthing gets epoxy coated as part of the finishing. I’m pretty new to wood working and I’m starting to do some small projects at home and was looking around for epoxy to buy, and no where in town even carries a good epoxy, and looking online, epoxies like I use at work (west system epoxy and hardeners) are REALLY expensive! What makes it so special it costs SO much? I guess it doesn’t take a lot for just gluing joints, but if you want to coat a piece for grain filling, you end up spending more on glue than you do on wood and all the rest of the project!

Epoxy is primarily meant to be used as an adhesive. They make a wood glue made specifically for joining wood that works very well and is a lot cheaper. They also make special compounds for filling in knots and the like, as well as varnishes that will finish your piece. These products come in larger quantities, are significantly cheaper, and are made for the type of work you’ve been using epoxy for.

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