I’ve been seeing a lot of question on where to find landscape ideas in my blog.  I thought I’d put this together and try to help with some of those questions.  You can find two different types of info in the same place how to books and advice from the experts.  Your local home improvement center and your local gardening/landscape centers will have plenty of books that can help you get started.  These books cover a wide variety of topics that can help plant the seeds of your ideas.   Then you can take a nice stroll around the center and look at some plants from your local area so you can start to put the pieces together.  Most of these garden centers have knowledgeable employees that can give lots of good advice, especially the local centers.   I don’t recommend doing this all in one day.  Go home walk in your yard think about what you’ve seen.  Drive around town see if you can find your plants that are more mature this will also help you envision what your yard will look like in the future. You may need to make several trips to get a good understanding of what’s out there and what you want. Again take your time you will me married to this so you want to make sure you’ve picked the plants that you will love for a long time.  Once you’ve given it some time and you are sure about your choices then you can get started.  Here’s one more question do you have all the right tools to make this an enjoyable experience.  We’ll save that for another time.

Scott Gotreaux for Scott’s DIY

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