Hey my teacher said that we had to make a landscaping project . My landscape is a platue (think I spelt it wrong) pronounce platoe. It has to be the size of a shoe box & we have to make a topographic profile using it so it has to be precise. & also creative. Can you please give me some ideas of some things I should use (no food) to build it. & some creative ideas. It’s due wed. Please I’m begging you to help me. Any ideas.

Here is a cross section of a plateau on the island of Guam.


So as not to spend a fortune on Play Doh, you can make several batches of your own. It’s a good modeling material because it will hold its shape and can be color-blended. Knead together:
1/2 cup salt
1/2 cup water
1 cup flour
food dye (any color, be creative!) start with a few drops and add more if needed to improve color

Build it in a clear plastic shoebox from the 99 cent store so the layers show.

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