I live in Nova Scotia and the soil is basically clay. My property is 1.5 acres with the house sitting on top of a hill 265 feet from the road. The driveway starts on the left and cuts across the slope to the right and ends in a 3 car turnabout beside the house. The yard is divided into an upper left portion,the driveway, then the lower right portion. On the upper left portion of the yard I installed landscape fabric and 4 inch rock to solve the erosion problem. The landscape is essentially a clean slate, no grass,gets full sun. The only thing I did was plant rugosa roses in the berm on the lower right portion of the yard that runs from the turnabout to the road. I will email pics to give you a better idea of what it looks like. I’d like some ideas for plants,where to put sod, flower beds,trees,retaining walls, etc. I did hire a landscape architect but got burnt and lost a lot of money.

Ornamental grasses are attractive, large and low maintenance plants that like full sun. Large rocks look nice and are maintenance free. I would skip the sod, to much work to mow.

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