give me some ideas for plants, trees, flowers, etc…. i would like to see more wildlife too.
please, no immature answers; just mature, nice answers

You don’t say how much room you have, but if there is a lot of room get a few evergreens started. Get a few deciduous trees…. maples, birches, some things that are native to your area. A kousa dogwood or something flowering that you can look out on would be nice. There are some nice grasses: carexes and hakonechloa. Put some ferns in and some rocks and foxgloves and mosses, maybe some columbines and iris. Get a couple of comfortable chairs and sit back. There are bird feeders that attract the birds. Set up a birdbath of some sort, it will attract the birds.
It is hard for me to know how to advise you not knowing where you are located. This is just some general ideas.

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