I have a front yard that is mostly concrete & black, broken-up asphalt. It is hideous. I want to change it and at least get it to look half way decent. The problem is that I cannot figure out what to do. The concrete is nice and is pretty much a patio, but the asphalt just looks like the road runs into my house. Any ideas what to do with the asphalt? I would love grass or something, but do not want to rip the asphalt out (not sure if the ground underneath is even plantable). Anyway, let me know if you have any ideas for landscaping over asphalt. Thanks!!!

Depends on where you live. Lots of places recycle asphalt and concrete chunks as breakwaters. Also, asphalt can be recycled into new road surfaces. Contact your city/county waste disposal folks. They can provide help.

If it is a small amount, your garbage can or try the dumpster behind the local store (metaphorically speaking wink, wink).

On the other hand, leave it and container garden. Put your plants in pots.
In grad school, rented a similar place (all concrete though) once and we used railroad ties, made a 16′ x 24′ raised lawn (2 ties high), capped with painted 2×10. Imported dirt, seeded it. The landlord liked it so much he reimbursed us. It had the best drainage and was totally weed free. It is still there 15 years later.

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