My home is a bright-light country blue with white accents. It’s an old farmhouse that was relocated to town many years ago. The previous owners here in town had no flowers, plants or trees, so I’m starting from scratch here.

The house is a tall 2 story and harsh looking. It’s very boxy and symmetrical. I’d like to soften it’s appearance, attempt to downplay it’s height and add some charm and curb-side appeal.

I’ve found that plants placed closely around the house foundation looks tacky, but the foundation itself looks tacky too.

My husband is dead set against vines. He’s afraid they will damage the siding and eves of the house.

I’m not interested in modern looks particularly. They wouldn’t match the style.

I’m thinking heaths and heathers, which are proving hard to locate. I also believe phlox, daisies and soft looking plants would go well. My dilema is these plants are about the same height. What are some taller plants that would match this scheme?
Great responses! Thank you everyone!

I live in northern Ohio and have a small, rectangular-shaped yard. Not too much room on the sides of the house, or in front.

Thanks again for the great ideas. Very much appreciated!

You might want to consider a curvy outline to your plantings. This will help soften the lines. A curvy walkway to your door will also help. You can fool the eye by making your plantings curve without having to replace your walkway.

Check out BHG web site, I got a ton of ideas there when I re-landscaped my yard 2 yrs. ago. Home Depot had most of the plants I was looking for. Also, pick up a gardening book so you don’t waste your money on plants that won’t work for your climate.

Have fun!

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