Open pallet for landscaping that is wooded and very wet. I have also seen deer tracks, so I need things that are deer repellent. There is standing water that I would like to try minimize with planting and or stone. It is filtered, limited sun area. I am planning on putting up a privacy fence to the wood line then continuing with a chain link in the woods (needed to for my dogs). Any ideas

unless you get a 10 foot tall or better fence forget keeping the deer out. I have seen them jump over 8 foot fences with ease.but if you keep the dogs outside that will deter the deer. as for the boggy wooded area if i had some pictures and the state you live in i could send you some ideas( dont need exact location it just helps with plant variaties).
For some reason i took horticulture in highschool for an easy class and it turned out i am quite good at it and enjoy it.
but as far as the boggy part if the ground isnt level i would have it dug down several feet then have sandy loam put in place topped with compost or high quality clean top soil. the sandy loam will aid in drainage and the top soil or compost is excellant for plants.
i will be more than happy to give you ideas if you send me a drawing of the layout of your yard with dimensions. just send me a pm if you want to do that .

i dont know how big your lawn is but something else occured to me today. how about planting a weeping willow in the area that has the most water. they love water i have seen roots come through swimming pool liners to get to the water.that may help solve alot of the boggy part. if your lawn is large enough plant several.
also try rhododendron’s and trappers tea(groenlandicum) the last 2 are if you have a an acidic soil they love it. i have to ask this ,ist the ground always saturated with water from the ground or is it just stagnant rain water that is not getting soaked up by the soil. here is a site that will also aid ideas.

if you need to cut down a few trees to make room for the willows. Go after the tree that don’t look very healthy.there are several web sites that will show,or tell you what to look for. google forestry,tree diseases.

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