I have a smaller back yard but we have this Mound that goes up to the back brick wall and underneath the mound is all concrete so I can’t dig into it. Its almost the full length of our backyard.

Any thoughts as to what to do with it?
It is concrete underneath but dirt on top.

There are quite a few sites that will give you good ideas for your backyard. Try:
http://www.myidealgarden.com/ or
I found those two had great ideas, but there are a lot more if you want to check. Just Google ‘backyard landscape designs’ for a big list.

As far as your concrete problem goes, I have an idea, but it depends on where you live. If the conditions are ok, succulents would be a good choice, as the roots are shallow and they require very little care and are very easy to grow. Try this site and see what you think:

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