Plants, trees and shrubs, oh my! There are so many options for your front yard landscaping that, at times, it can seem like the options are too many. From layouts, to designs, to whether you want the sidewalk to go down the middle of your front yard or wrap around the side; the choices for your front yard landscaping are literally endless.

Where To Begin?

Well, the best place to begin is to brainstorm an idea – think about how you really want your front yard to look like. Is this something you want instantly, or are you willing to work on it for a few years? Do you want pre-historic jungle or a more conservative brick walkway lined with flowers? These are the questions you need to ask to start you front yard landscaping project.

Next, after you have a general idea, start laying out what you want to see in your front yard. A lot of what you are going to want to see depends on where you area – but shrubs are a fairly common choice that often looks good, the staple of landscaping if you will. Outside of that, it’s a good idea to try and match your landscaping to compliment the front of your house with colors, designs, and various other criteria.

Now, for those of us with negative fashion sense or color coordination, there is a plethora of designer help tips on the internet to help us with our front landscaping deficiency. From what plants to use, to the best arrangement, to how to place the plants that match the house – if you want it, they’ve got it.

The first stop is Better Homes and Gardens, or This is essentially the one stop shop for all your front landscaping needs in terms of materials, but also in less tangible materials, such as general guidance do’s and don’ts for landscaping and, of course, the ever present helpful tips.

If you want some great ideas of places to start, check out, which has a large database of photos from other’s front yard landscaping. This can be a great resource of ideas, materials, tips, and basically anything else you want for your front yard landscaping project. The best way to learn is often to observe those who are already proficient at what they do, and this is no exception. Learn from the best and adapt their ideas to your own.


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