I live in So Or in zone 7 where it gets 2 105 in the summer’s hottest &10 degrees-20 as average lowest. I am retired &have decided 2 make my flower beds into bark & shrubs. I am not an artist, have no idea 4 color& detail. I am the farmer part of the flowers. I have it ready 2 get bushes & shrubs, I am on a very tight, fixed budget, & I would like to get Evergreen, non-deciduous for shrubs & plants. I guess I want it all, cheap, pretty, all year,& I can do lots with seeds, but shrubs& bushes cost so much. I do need to at least get started with a plan that includes heighth, color etc. I live in the city on a city lot where my flower beds which are on average about 4 ft. wide, great soil, and across the front by sidewalk and in front of house. By sidewalk they get hot full sun in summer and in front of house, hard spot, they get hot full AFTERNOON SUN (west facing). I also realized today I want something that grows fast Anything average is fine, I dont like them but easier

Blackbird Spurge (Euphorbia ‘Blackbird’) – Purple/Black Foliage – The blackbird euphorbia, new to America, is larger and more sprawling than other euphorbias. This evergreen plant can grow 2’ x 2’ and has dark purple, nearly black foliage in full sun. Pink flower buds open to reveal green-yellow flowers that contrast beautifully with the dark foliage. A year-round accent for small spaces. For contrast underplant with Sedum ”Herbstfreude”
Add this one for the third plant in the group.
Weigela florida–Burgundy flowers– The Dancer Series, for compact habit and improved flower color, offers a nice array of flower colors on shrubs scaled down to meet the needs of today’s smaller gardens; ‘Rumba’, ‘Polka’, ‘Minuet’, and ‘Samba’.

Spiraea bumalda –Bluegreen foliage– ‘Anthony Waterer’
Paired with Euphorbia ‘Red Wing’ Spurge and Pieris japonica as a back drop would be another group. http://www.hort.uconn.edu/Plants/p/piejap/piejap1.html

This is an amazing shrub Rosa glauca, absolutely no disease and it is graceful, stout ie it doesn’t flop over, and the leaves are colored blue over red green. In fall you get hips. The hips are fertile so you can get more plants. I have three more starts for friends.
pair this with Ruta graveolens, Jackman’s Blue Common Rue http://davesgarden.com/pf/showimage/123795/
Add the Dahlias ‘Bishop’s Children’ for color til the end of summer.
To begin the year bulbs are easy color and fill in the time until the shrubs bloom. For wholesale prices at far less cost than nurseries go to Van Engelen. For even better prices try their end of season sale http://www.vanengelen.com/catview.cgi?_fn=Bulbs

For preblended color in tulips try Color Blends. Their prices are excellent also.
For mail order plants check on the seller with the Garden Watchdog http://davesgarden.com/gwd/
They will also show you the nurseries in your zip code area.

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